Suddenly it struck me! It was like a lightning!

I was standing there – a glass of red wine in my hand, my eyes wide open with awe, my cheeks burning. I don't know what made me burn more – the wine or strong wave of emotions. The emotions, like a mountain stream, suddenly appeared among awe-inspiring works of art. A vernisagge, an art gallery, every place filled with an artistic spirit, made me feel strong, free and feminine. The sky was the limit and I could breathe freely. And, in the first place, I could be myself and had the courage to show it.

Because, after recent ups and downs in my life I had no idea who I was. And had no strenght even to ponder who I wanted to be.

First, when my sweet little daughter was born, I was giving my all to help her recover from all kinds of early childhood illnesses. As soon as she got better, I was diagnosed with the worst of diseases. I was fighting fiercely. Finally, I won. I was given a second chance and a second life. But I was feeling soooo exhausted and soooo weakened. I badly needed to feel beautiful, strong and unique.

I was feeling exactly so when surrounded by works of art, beaming with good vibes and artistic genius of their creators. In a long convalescence period it was art galleries and vernissages where I could fill my batteries. My personal source of power.

Being surrouned with works of art gave me strenght to live through this difficult period in peace with myself, no hiding behind a „happy me” /happy go lucky /any mask and to show true myself. I was feeling so among beautiful things. I was also feeling beautiful, because, even though on my last legs and in shortage of time, I always very carefully selected my outfits for such events. I had a desire to look original and unique. As original and unique were the pieces of arts I admired. I didn't want to copy someone else's style. The problem was, I lacked accessories. And it is accessories that determine your style. I had this inner feeling that the beauty and the power caught in the works of art are perfect accessories to my unique style. I was joking that these works of art are my jewellery. And - in a sense -it was really so – they complemented me and revealed my inner beauty.

I didn't want to keep it all just for myself.

I had a dream to share it with the whole world. To share it with other women. Women an with ups and downs history, women who were pushed into where they didn't want to be. To help them feel beautiful and unique not in some distant future, but here and now, in the bleak or uncomfortable moments they were going through. To give them couarage to be themselves, and not someone else's copy. (Also when it comes to their outfit.) To live their lives with courage and a sense of beauty.

The question was: How to do it? What should I do? How can I combine my passion for art and beauty with my mission to support women's self esteem and courage to be oneself? Just to be oneself. Also when it comes to outfit, in one's own inimitable style Without adapting to fashion fads. To be oneslf, an original and not someone else's copy.

So when I was standing at this vernissage, I suddenly realized I could do it.

If an artistic genius arouses my creativity and spreads my wings, if I feel unique and beautiful when surrrounded by works of art, I want other women to feel the same.

That was why Blakomo was created. Blakomo – biżuteria, która jest czymś więcej niż tylko ozdobą.

Our jewellery is much more than accessories. It is portable works of art, designed and hand made by talented and trusted designers. Designers who share our values – freedom, independency and courage to be truly oneself. Who value showing one's own inimitable style, in opposition to currently reigning fashion fads imposed by global retailers.

You and us may not know each other. You may be wondering if we can be trusted. Fair enough. But let me tell you something. If you want to feel free and independent, while life is trying to squeeze you into a certain framework, if you find it difficult to discover your inner beauty, if you want to find couarage to create your personal unique style opposing to fashion fads - I want to ask you one thing - check out if our jewellery is for you. Only trusted designers with a sense of mission are given the task to make the jewellery. And with dedication and engagement they cautiously create each and every piece so it can be worn with joy and pride. So each piece is like your fingerprint – beautiful and unique. Because you are beautiful and unique.

Be original. Never a copy. Be yourself.