Necklace FREE SOUL


Available on back-order

A unique FREE SOUL necklace will let you keep summer moods deep in your heart.

Warm colours of yellow and brown amber pieces placed in sycamore timber will remind you of light hearted holiday time at the sea side and put you in a good mood. Long, long ago people believed that amber brings luck and protects against the so-called „evil eye”. Until now it is commonly believed that amber puts you in a good mood, arouses your creativity, supports stamina and soothes/reduces stress.

FREE SOUL necklace and earrings make up a unique set that will enrich your daily outfit. It is also ideal as a stylish accessory if you do not dress formal suits for work.

Put FREE SOUL necklace on and breather summer holidays freedom every day.

Necklace FREE SOUL
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A necklace of sycamore wood with three pieces of amber on a thin leather strap.


Pendant: 90 x 45 mm.
Lenght of necklace with leather strap in full: 440 mm.

Various items from URBAN FREEDOM collection may slightly differ from the items in the picture because each of them is hand made and that's why each of them is unique.The size and parameters of the computer screen also influence they way the items look in the pictures, especially when it comes to colours.

The necklace will be hand made especially for you so it may take up to 7 working days to fulfill your order.


We created URBAN FREEDOM collection especially for women who appreciate modern design, the highest quality and natural materials. The collection was designed by an artist from The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Do you like to emphasize your freedom and independence by choosing original accessories? Do you find power in nature and combine it with a big city energy? Jewellery Blakomo URBAN FREEDOM will make you stand in the foreground. How do we know that? We create accessories which we wear ourselves.

Wooden jewellery has a strong spirit supported by the power of nature. Our jewellery is hand made to provide you a source of joy for years to come.

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